Split with Hårda Bud

by Chain Reaction

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This is a 9 song split with our good buddies in Hårda Bud, be sure to check out their side of the split at their bandcamp page 'cause they're awesome: hardabudhc.bandcamp.com


released August 18, 2012



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Chain Reaction Sweden


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Track Name: No Way
Got places to see, people to meet.
We can't stand still. 1000 miles away,
there's some new air to breathe.
Get on board, take your seat.

To wherever our passion drives us.
Seeking freedom along these unknown roads.
We are the restless youth, there's only one life to live.
We won't miss these opportunities.

Conformism won't get us stuck in here.
No fucking way!
Track Name: Wearing Thin
You can keep on trying to bum me out,
throw your shit, set your traps every time I'm around.
There's differences between us, and you know about them all.
The more you try to hide, the more gets out.

You failed again.
It's time to realize,
that you're wearing thin.
It's obvious to me,
your all broken inside.

Stuck in this hell that you created,
you became a slave to your own hate.
Attacking people to disguise your shame.
I know your kind, you're all the same.

I can leave anytime,
but you will always stay.
Trying to find someone to blame,
for your negative fucked up life.

Your all broken inside.
Track Name: Out Aside
This is far from fair, this shit is not right.
The equality has always been pushed out aside.
Middle class white kids and no girls around.
Big shows taking over, they're all selling out.

This is not how it should be.
Maybe you became too proud to see,
but I just hope you still can think,
that you can make this change.

Your macho attitude,
spreading fear in the pit.
We're here to have fun, not your violence bullshit.
fuck all ages shows?
are you only here to drink?
You just don't give a fuck,
never mind all these young kids.

I hope you still can think,
that you can make this change.
Track Name: Pennybridge City
Another cliche song about unity.
Fuck what you say, 'cause I still believe.
Simple words but sincere,
you heard me right!
Örebro hardcore,
we gotta keep it tight!

We stick together and don't exclude.
We keep it real with a punk attitude.
We build it up with open minds,
our dedication to the DIY!

'Cause our passion for the core won't fade like the hype.
Pennybridge city we gotta keep it tight!