Chain Reaction

by Chain Reaction

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Mange first time i heard it the hair on my arms stood up:) MOSH!!
Sveriges stoltheter helt klart!! Favorite track: Years Later.
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released March 1, 2012



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Chain Reaction Sweden


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Track Name: Chain Reaction
A chain reaction of positivity, this restless spirit inside,
your full potential to break free.

A chain reaction, I made this choice with no doubt.
Eternal youth, hardcore, that's what I'm talking about.

Pennybridge city, we're bonded by the core.
You thought we were dead, we came with some more.

New bands, new ideas, a place to hangout.
The years've gone by, but we're still around.
Track Name: Years Later
Years later, according to you, I would be nothing by now.
That piece of shit you made me feel like.
Your hateful words and all that abuse, a tyrant controlling me by fear.

So many years wasted plotting revenge.
I got so burnt out trying to deal with my hate.

Murderous thoughts, scary shit in my mind, struggling so hard to leave it behind.

Years later I'm here to prove you wrong.
Now you're busted by the unpredictable.

To hell and back I'm here to take what's fucking mine,
Goes around comes around!

And now the tide will wash this dirt,
and I won't get dirty with your blood.
Track Name: Rage and Focus
Why should I pretend that everything was left behind?
when hard times left me scars, all this hate is still alive.
Rage and focus, the strength to break apart.

I made my choices, staying true to myself whatever it takes.

They tried once, I warned them all.
Stay away, I'll knock you down!

And why should I forgive all those lies that broke my heart.
Beaten black and blue until I realized,

I wasn't that loser you made me feel like,
I could break you down.

Time went by, things have changed and I'm here to see your fall.

I won't forgive, I won't forget,
strength out of my hate, I win my respect.
Track Name: No More Curse
Underestimated for your own convenience,
I've never been too young to understand.

You left me behind without respect, a condemned childhood in neglect.

I felt so small, for almost three decades carrying on the pain of a son,
the pain of a son that you betrayed.

Your mind tricks caused me mindfucks,
I could not forgive myself for all that hate.

But now your mask is falling down, I see your face and found my way.

I'm out of step, I'm not your sheep,
I'm black and full of strength.

This vicious circle, killing generations.
I'm crushing down, I'm breaking!

And I won't let this curse get passed on. No more curse!
Track Name: Bailing Out
All ages show, too dull for you to go.
You rather waste your money drinking your head off in the bar.

Small distros and zines, why should you waste your time?
It's all about your rare records and merch,
you're nothing more than an eBay nerd.

You better shut your mouth, stop bragging out.
You say you're keeping it real, but you're just always bailing out.

Your band shreds on stage, posing and style is what it's all about.
With noses up in the air, you're are too good to play in the underground.

But thanks to our dedication you mention our culture to define your sound.

But all we know you're a fake, it's about time, now the word is out.

Where have you gone? I haven't seen you around.
Shut your mouth, stop bragging out.
Track Name: Not Part of This
I never took your charity for granted, I made it on my own.
In this long journey everything I had was my own feet.
I made my choices, you tried to crucify me, diagnose me insane.

Your society is sick, I'm not part of this.

I won't swim my whole life and die by the shore.
These promises of peace just keep us in war.

The voices to be heard are just ignored.

You don't own me. I'm not part of this. Society is sick!